IncludeUs Person Centred Practice

New IncludeUs Website

This project has been underway for some time, however, our partnership between IncludeUs and TerraMedia has resulted in the development of their new website and ongoing search engine optimisation work. Their new website has been developed using our new, easy to use content management system with the goal of allowing Liz and Tim to update their website as they need to.

Liz Gehring and Tim Childs have been vocal advocates of the person centred approach for some time, and their goals are to bring this practice into organisations through organisational planning, training, consulting and individual mentoring and coaching in a unique, visual way.

Person centred practice is all about the inclusiveness of people. In other words, listening to what people want and working to provide that in the best way possible while also balancing it with the best interests of the organisation.

To find out more about the services provided by IncludeUs, please visit their website at and be sure to contact Liz or Tim for more information.