Esaote MRI Australia Website Launched

Esaote MRI Australia Website

Esoate MRI Australia has just launched the new O-Scan MRI machine. This machine is designed to be an affordable, portable system that can easily scan extremities such as arms, legs and is even suitable for small animals.

This makes it ideal for use in vet clinics as well as medical imaging practices. The fact it is portable makes it easy to use in small clinics and to run a single mobile MRI machine between multiple clinics.

To coincide with the launch of the O-Scan MRI machine in Australia, Esaote has launched a new Australian enquiries website at developed by TerraMedia.

The website is aimed at giving potential visitors a quick overview of the advantages the machine offers, especially for claustrophobic patients, the affordability of the machine, and samples of the DICOM images it can produce. In addition the website provides a method for interested parties to easily enquire by phone, email or using the enquiry form.